Welcome to Accellence

We are a services firm specializing in business development in the automotive industry.


We develop and implement original strategies, improving business practices and increasing customer satisfaction, ultimately creating stronger and more profitable businesses.


We are focused on providing quality services throughout the stages that comprise the customer lifecycle.


Our services

Our consulting division takes care of business planning and strategy, as well as developing the framework, protocol, and key documents for the sale and post-sale process.
  • Training and education focused on skill development and improvement in the following areas:


-Quality of service
-Business skills (soft-skills)
-Protocol and technical training (hard-skills)
-Competitive analysis


  • Translation services and adaptation of materials
  • Test drives and information for customers
  • Training material design and production
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Marketing content creation and design
  • Audiovisual production
  • Tools for communicating about products and services
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Design and content creation
  • Audiovisual production
  • Tools for communicating about products and services


Our experience

Service Consultant Certification

The #1-rated brand in Luxury CSI by J.D. Power (2016) in Mexico recruited us for their most recent international certification program for post-sales consultants.


After we developed a teaching module, the brand entrusted us not only to oversee the entire certification process for the first generation of consultants, but it also decided to continue to use our services as part of the certification process for future generations of consultants in Mexico. After reviewing our work, one of the brand’s executives based in Europe said our instructors were “a benchmark in the automotive industry”.

Familiarity with hybrid cars

The #1-rated brand in Luxury SSI by J.D. Power (2016) commissioned us to design their first training for hybrid vehicles on the market in Mexico.


With the materials we developed, the trainees were familiarized with the key points needed to demonstrate the value of hybrid cars. The training includes a driving test that clearly demonstrates the performance advantages. One of the training coordinators said it was “a specialized project, truly unique because it combined technical knowledge with commercial awareness”.

Increase in high-end sales

Because of our performance in a previous analysis, the leading group of distributors in Jalisco for the top-selling brand in Mexico enlisted us to deliver a specialized high-end products training for consultants and managers in 3 agencies.


After 3 days of work, we prepared 3 training modules, which included both theory and practice. The management teaching module was carried out by two pilot instructors. The training culminated in a sales simulation and a product presentation at a shopping center to demonstrate what had been learned. The group increased its high-end product sales, and one of the general managers of the group reviewed us as “highly professional and capable of developing strategic projects”.

Recreational vehicle customer satisfaction

The brand ranked #1 in recreational vehicle, utility vehicle, and ATV sales in Mexico sought out our services because of our prior experience with premium brands.


In 2 days of training, we transformed the way the consultants–who comprise the brand’s entire sales force in the country–think about customer satisfaction. We conducted sales simulations and evaluated performance through competitions, in which the managers themselves graded the consultants, giving immediate feedback. One of the company’s directors referred to us as “people who demonstrate their extensive knowledge of the industry, highly reliable and trustworthy, with whom it is also a pleasure to work”.


4 features that distinguish us

Extremely specialized in industry analysis
Extremely familiar with the luxury market and its client profile.
Custom training services
Development of unique strategies and exclusive content for the automotive industry


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